Skoda Superb Review

Skoda’s Superb represents one of the best values in the car market. The Superb drives like a limousine providing a smooth ride and high levels of comfort. This level of quality and refinement usually comes at a higher price. The Superb is popular among commercial drivers due to its comfort levels and smooth ride.The exterior design is modest rather than flashy so much so that the car may seem a little plain. It will take a close look to notice the car’s extra length. The Superb is aging slowly and should enjoy high resale values. Cheaper Superbs represent good bargains for buyers but the more costly models offer even better value. They are loaded down with kit and luxurious creature comforts. Many have suggested that Skoda’s build quality has surpassed that of Volkswagen. The Superb delivers an extra smooth ride. This is facilitated  by its long wheelbase and excellent suspension settings. It is not sporty or racy, but for motorway comfort it is unbeatable. There are some prestigious rivals out there that deliver comparable quality and results, but it’s important to know that the price is almost double of what buyers will pay for the Superb.


The Superb has a low asking price, service charges, and insurance rates. The V6 option will be the only one that doesn’t give you decent fuel economy. Resale value will be a bit lower than you might hope.The cabin is large and occupants will have ample room to move about the cabin. The boot generously sized and will accommodate a days shopping easily, though oddly shaped items may be difficult to load. The gauges are all easy to read. Complementing the logical placement, are lights that illuminate the dash. This is helpful when embarking on long journeys as it makes the cabin more comfortable and relaxing. The dials and knobs are functional and don’t clutter the fascia. The cabin offers plenty of head and legroom. Front passengers will fare slightly better than those in the rear as far as legroom is concerned, but this shouldn’t be a problem. The seats are wide and offer lumbar support they also adjust for height and tilt. The Superb is very accessible. The wide door apertures allow for unrestricted access into the cabin. The seats don’t sit too low, so reaching into them is unnecessary. The boot’s lid opens wide, allowing for larger items to be loaded without much fuss. Parking the Superb is easy as long as you are going forward. The boot is difficult to see past, making parking sensors a necessity.

 Life Style

 The car’s long wheelbases provide comfort and stability. The Superb performs best cruising along on smooth surfaces. The automatic gearbox is available with both V6 engines, but the standard manual works well too. Acceleration is modest due to the car’s weight. A Superb could make a practical family car. It could be used for many family oriented tasks. It would provide adequate family space, but there are probably more logical family cars available.The Superb would not make a good first car. It is way too big and wouldn’t be trendy enough for most young drivers. There are definitely better first cars available. The Superb is one of the best quality cars on the market. Skoda is better known for their smaller cars, and many buyers may not be ready to accept the firm as a producer of larger vehicles. The Superb is just as the name implies, a superb vehicle to drive.

 Security and Safety

The Skoda gets high marks seeing how it comes with a comprhensive security pakage, an imbobilezr, VIN label on the frame of the windshield, and an alarm system that monitors the inside of the car are all included. Just as all the other UK Skodas, the Superb is autamaticaly registered with the ISR. A unique locxator number is on all the windows which makes that specific car locatable at any time. The car comes standard with six airbags, front airbags fo the driver and passenger, side impact bags, and curtain bags, which provide a sort of protection curtain between the passengers and the side windows.All rear seats in the Skoda come with head restraints and fixtures for two Isofix child seats.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system comes with an eight-speaker sound system with a single CD player. Higher models include a a cassette deck. At this level you also get a six-CD changer. The system provides good sound quality. The standard Superb includes climate control with additional vents to the rear seats, front and rear electric windows, heated external mirrors and a multi-function computer. Comfort level models include alloy wheels, improved upholstery with a leather-wrapped gear knob, gaiter and handbrake and steering wheel stereo controls. There is also an umbrella built into the rear left hand door.


The Skoda Superb isn’t a bargain basement alternative to better quality executive models. It’s a less expensive alternative that is just as functional, comfortable and practical as the more expensive rival brands.