Mitsubishi Shogun Review

Mitsubishi’s Shogun was one of the first 4x4’s to adopt a car-like chassis. The Shogun boasts good build quality and a choice of a good petrol engine or diesel engine.

Mitsubishi released three very different versions of the Shogun in order to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. The Shogun Pinin is more compact and affordable, while the Shogun Sport is aimed to please families as an all-round family vehicle, and the Shogun is designed to be a true 4×4 that can go anywhere yet deliver impressive levels of luxury and comfort. The car’s exterior design is much more stylish than that of its predecessor. The seven-seat model offers impressive level of versatility. The third row of seats can fold completely away or removed to create more cargo space. Inside the cabin is well-equipped and has been enhanced and given a fresher more modern look. The controls and dials are all functional but the car’s switchgear still delivers a plastic-type feel. The Shogun is a true off-roader and it’s a refined on-roader. For buyers who are looking for a true off-roader the Shogun may be the car for you. It delivers a refined on-road experience but is no match for some of the major brands.


 The Shogun provides good value for the money and should deliver good insurance rates and prove to be reliable. The car should also provide decent resale value. The Shogun provides more than adequate passenger space. Head and legroom are good all-round and the seats can be arranged to better accommodate passengers or removed completely to create additional cargo space. The car’s controls and dials are all logically placed and functional. The Shogun does not present anything too complex. The car’s displays are large and easy to read. The Shogun presents excellent levels of comfort, cabin space is excellent and the car’s seats are supportive yet comfortable. The car delivers a good off-road experience and decent levels of refinement on the road as well. The Shogun provides easy accessibility to the car’s cabin. The doors are large and open widely to provide a large aperture. Passengers can easily get comfortable once inside the cabin. Parking the Shogun is easy. Despite the car’s large size it is fairly easy to park. The car provides a high drive position and visibility is good all-round. The car is also easy to maneuver at lower speeds.

 Life Style

The Shogun provides a good driving experience. The car focuses on being a true off-roader and then on providing a refined on road experience. The car performs extremely well in 4×4 mode, but it can be less refined than some of the major competitors.This would make an excellent all-round family vehicle. The car provides good passenger space and versatility. The car is large enough to cope with all the rigors of family life. This is not a good first car. It is too large and too costly for what most first time buyers need. The Shogun is also not the easiest car to drive and inexperienced drivers may get in over their heads rather quickly. The quality of the interior is very good, and the car’s build quality is excellent, but the car will still be seen as a budget buy. Practical buyers will appreciate all that the car has to offer, image conscious buyers are more likely to move on to bigger name brands.

 Security and Safety

The Shogun does not come with security as standard and an alarm system and engine immobiliser will cost extra. The car’s safety features include items such as ABS and twin front airbags. The sheer size of the Shogun means that it will fair better than most in an accident.

 The Finishing Touches

The console boasts a Multi-Information Center Display. The Information Center houses the display for the car’s climate control features and audio controls. The unit includes a CD player with six speakers. The car comes standard with leather upholstery and airconditioning. The cabin provides exceptional overall quality and metallic paint is offered as standard on all Shogun models.


The Shogun is available in three different versions. Mitsubishi has created a version to appeal to most buyers. Whether the buyer needs a workhorse, a family car or a luxury 4×4 to appeal to the executive market. The Shogun provides loads of versatility and practicality for a very reasonable price. The car comes decently equipped and provides buyers with good value for the money, take a look at for an idea on some of the offers. The Shogun delivers an excellent off-road experience and a fairly refined on-road ride as well. Many competitors beat the Shogun for on-road refinement and this may cost the Shogun some buyers.