Audi Q7 Review

Audi has introduced its new Q7. A large SUV, with a seven person seating capacity. The giant 4×4 has four wheel drive, three rows of seats, and is an enormous, quality built vehicle. The Q7 offers the best in exterior good looks, interior ergonomic design and comfort. Audi’s Q7 has two powerful engines and a commanding presence on the road that’s unbeatable. The German built giant is very stylish, functional, and enjoys off-road capabilities. It isn’t on the same level as a Range Rover, but the Audi does offer peace of mind in slippery or less than ideal conditions. Most SUV’s in this class would not be used off road, but the capabilities can bring peace of mind to the driver should driving conditions ever warrant the need for such talents. The Q7 would also be ideal for towing other vehicles, carts, trailers, etc. The Q7 offers great versatility and comfort for both driver and passengers. This vehicle can help accommodate the demanding rigors of an active family, while lending itself to more of a task-oriented role as well. It can be used to haul larger cargo, and can even pull and tow larger items behind.


The Q7 is not a cheap vehicle, but it is competitively priced with other luxury SUV’s. The most economical option available is the diesel version. This will prove to be cost effective at the fuel pump. Insurance is usually priced similar to that of a premium saloon. The Q7 easily accommodates seven people allowing plenty of cabin space for all. The last row of seats however, will more comfortably seat children. There is plenty of storage space within the cabin, and the boot is spacious enough to store a great deal of cargo, and the third row of seats fold down allowing extra cargo space when needed. The controls are easy to read and functional. They are located within reach of both the driver and front seat passenger. Duplicate controls are mounted on the steering wheel for ease and convenience. The Q7 has firm yet supportive seats. The cabin does an excellent job of filtering out road and engine noise. The first two rows provide plenty of legroom and headroom. While the third row is more limited on legroom it does provide adequate headroom. Audi’s Q7 is easily accessible. Doors are wide enough that entry is a breeze. To gain entry passengers must take a small step up in order to gain access to the cabin. Parking the large SUV is not as difficult as it sounds. The Q7 is equipped with large exterior mirrors and flawless power steering. The difficult part of parking the Q7 might be finding a space large enough to accommodate the vehicle.

 Life Style

The Q7 is a large SUV but it is easy to drive. This is partly due to the diesel engine giving it an all around appeal. The Q7 also provides a good driving position, good brakes and suspension, and drives more like a large luxury car than an SUV. This vehicle has terrific family appeal. Even if you don’t need seating for seven people, the third row folds down and can be used as extra cargo space. The cabin is fairly lavish and small children could easily ruin the upholstery. The car comes with the option of an extensive entertainment package. The Q7 would not make a good first car. It is on the pricey side and being a larger vehicle it would be difficult for new drivers to navigate down crowded or narrow roads. The Q7 is no different than other Audi’s. It is well-built from quality materials and plush on the inside. Audi’s image tends to reflect classy, high-quality, sport cars. The Q7 has upheld Audi’s high standards.

 Security and Safety

The Q7 would be a very attractive target for theft, that’s why it comes fully equipped with a comprehensive anti-theft package. A tracking device does not come with the standard package, but might be a wise investment. Airbags are located throughout the cabin and electronic traction and stability aids keep the SUV headed in the right direction. The Q7 has a four-wheel drive system for additional safety and functionality.

 The finishing Touches

 The standard stereo unit is equipped with the usual controls. The controls are duplicated on the steering wheel for driver convenience. The sound quality is good, and there are many upgrades available, including a sat-nav system. The Q7 looks great in black and silver, as well as in most dark colors. Many cabin trim colors are available in both light and dark colors. Chrome highlights add a glamorous touch to any color.


Audi’s Q7 is well on its way to being center stage, successfully competing with rival brands. The large SUV is expensive to buy and uses a lot of fuel, but its solidly built with quality materials and sports the Audi name, that’s enough to win over many buyers.