Misubishi Colt Review

Mitsubishi has introduced their new addition to the Colt range, the CZC. The CZC is a convertible version of the popular hatchback that includes a folding metal roof. The car is available in two versions and with a strong standard specification. Buyers will be impressed by what the Colt has to offer.

A turbocharged CZT version of the Mitsubishi Colt is offered. The convertible CZC model delivers hot hatch performance with convertible capabilities. The folding metal roof requires the release of two catches and a button press for the roof to be stowed in a matter of seconds. Mitsubishi has successfully turned the average everyday hatchback into a stunning convertible.The CZC has retained its diminutive proportions. Chunky alloy wheels are fitted as standard on both models.The CZC is also attractive with the roof up as well. Inside, much of the interior is the same as the regular Colt. The cabin is well designed and constructed with a good overall feel to it. Most of the interior is a grey colour with flashes of silver. Mitsubishi has smartly decided to keep the rear seats in the CZC, further increasing the car’s functionality. The car’s boot space is very generous, but the rear seats are only suitable for small children and shorter journeys.


 The purchase price is good considering the standard level of specification being offered. Fuel economy and insurance are reasonable for a car in this class as well as reasonable running costs. The car loses very little space with the inclusion of a folding roof. Front seat passengers have plenty of room incuding head and legroom. Rear seating is more limited due to the restricted amount of space in the back. The rear seats should only be used for small children. Boot space is excellent with the top up, and is slightly more limited with the top down. The car’s controls and dials are chunky and easy to use. The basic stereo functions are duplicated on the steering wheel for driver convenience. The CZC provides a reasonably comfortable ride. The car’s seats are supportive and the car provides a decent driving position. The non-turbo version doesn’t have sports suspension and delivers a more comfortable ride. Access to the vehicle’s front seats is very good. The doors open widely and most passengers shouldn’t have any difficulty accessing the front seats. The rear seats are easy to access as well, but once inside the cabin, rear passenger space is very limited. The car’s boot is large and easily accessible. The boot aperture is slightly on the small side, but access is unrestricted. The Colt can be difficult to park due to limited rear visibility, it reminded me of my old second hand Alfa Romeo 156. The car’s small size and light steering help out a lot when it comes to parking. The Colt can fit into the smallest parking space easily.

 Life Style

With 147bhp under the bonnet, enthusiastic drivers will be pleased with the ride. The 1.5-litre engine delivers rapid acceleration, and with the roof down it feels even faster. The steering has is firm, and the car’s suspension is geared towards ease-of-handling. The Colt provides an overall fun and excellent driving experience, something I know all about after owning a MG ZR. The Colt is not designed to accommodate a family. The cabin space is too restricted, especially the rear seats, and the boot will not accommodate family related items. The car is loads of fun and might work as a second car to a family, but couldn’t be used for much more than that. This car would be easy enough and desirable enough for a new driver, but the car’s expensive purchase price and insurance would not be practical for most newly licensed drivers. The car feels quality built and well constructed. The car has a positive image due mostly to the car’s unique style and folding roof. Mitsubishi set the bar high with the newest Colt.

 Security and Safety

 The car comes standard with remote central locking with deadlocks and an engine immobiliser. The car’s folding metal roof provides increased security over a conventional fabric roof convertible. The car comes equipped with enhanced brakes, twin front and side airbags and ABS. The Turbo version gets active stability and traction controls as standard.

 The Finishing Touches

 The car comes with a standard stereo unit with a six-speaker CD/tuner with Mp3 compatibility. It has large, clearly labelled buttons, and delivers good sound quality. Turbo models boast part leather interior trim, and the plastics used may not be the softest, but they feel durable. Most models have grey interior trim and can seem a little dark. Bright exterior colors help to lighten up the dark interior.


The car offers a high level of standard specification and loads of practicality. Throw in an excellent driving experience and a low puchase price and the Colt shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up with the competition.