Mitsubishi Outlander Review

The Outlander is Mitsubishi’s debut into the sports estate sector. The car combines a stylish exterior with the functionality of all-wheel drive. The car also provides a large and practical load area. Mitsubishi’s is famous for manufacturing ‘proper’ 4x4s. The Outlander is a practical workhorse and also a practical and stylish vehicle for suburbanites as well.

Mitsubishi has taken its time introducing a model into the sports estate sector, but the Outlander was well worth waiting for. The car boasts the eye-catching style, all wheel drive and good road manners that have been geared toward on-road performance. The car’s exterior design is striking, but the only new addition is the car’s front grille. The Outlander is attractive but may not offer enough exterior style to take buyers away from the competition. Further limiting the Outlander is the lack of a diesel engine option.  Diesel options are highly coveted and fashionable in this market sector. The Outlander offers a 2.4-litre petrol unit that provides sufficient poer but tends to be thirsty. The Outlander provides excellent interior quality, and is easy to drive. The car comes with a very reasonable asking price and an impressive standard specification. The Outlander performs best cruising down a motorway.


 The Outlander comes with an inexpensive asking price, but you will pay more in gas. Offsetting the gas prices are low insurance rates and servicing charges. The Outlander will also retain a fairly high resale value. Despite the large-looking exterior, once inside, cabin space is dramatically reduced. Although the Outlander feels as though it should be bigger, passengers are comfortable and will have plenty of space. The boot is large enough to carry large items. The fascia is functional and uncomplicated. The gauges are easy to read and the driver doesn’t have to strain to see them, as they are well placed. The console is uncluttered, and gives a new, clean feel to the Outlander. The seats are supportive, but not uncomfortable. Head and legroom are both sufficient as the high roofline and starched body contour allow for more space. The Outlander is quiet as wind and road noise is low. The engine does, however, become loud when accelerating and when changing gears. When entering the Outlander, it is noticeable that this is neither an estate, nor is it a full size off-roader. Climbing up to, nor clambering down in to, is necessary. It is easy to access the cabin through the large door apertures. The same cannot be said for the boot. The small hatch and a high loading position make loading those larger items more challenging. The Outlander is surprisingly easy to park for being such a large vehicle. The driver sits high, making it easy to judge distances. Also assisting with parking is great visibility on either side of the car. Reversing into parking spaces may pose a slight challenge, so parking sensors may be a wise choice from the options list. If you need a bigger car with a bigger cargo area for luggage a second hand Mitsubishi L200.

 Life Style

 The large 2.4-litre engine needs to be revved hard to create anything other than a sluggish response. This is due mainly to the four-speed automatic gearbox. Manual performance is much better. Steering and braking both have an excellent feel and prform well. The sportswagon is stylish and functional. The car drives well in both the city and the suburbs. The car is more exciting than a traditional estate and similarly affordable. The car provides adequate cabin space. This would not make a good first car. It will be too expensive for most first time buyers due to the car’s thirsty nature. The car doesn’t offer many traits that attract first time car buyers, and is too large to be a practical car for novice drivers. The quality of the interior is very good, and the car’s build quality is excellent, but the car will still be seen as a budget buy. Practical buyers will appreciate all that the car has to offer, image conscious buyers are more likely to move on to bigger name brands.

 Security and Safety

 The car comes standard with keyless entry and an engine immobiliser. The car is also equipped with a category one alarm, and locking wheel nuts. A Trackstar satellite tracking system is available as a cost option. The car’s safety features include front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes, EBD, and all-wheel drive. The car has also been designed with a13-point impact absorbing system, side impact bars, and a collapsible steering column. The car comes standard with ISOFIX seat mounts, a crash detection system, and central door locking.

 The Finishing Touches

 Entry level models come equipped with a standard single-slot CD/radio that is upgraded to a six-speaker system in higher trim levels. The system is easy to operate. Other upgrade options are available such as a CD autochanger. A neat feature on the Outlander is the wing mirrors are heated. The car comes with 16-inch alloy wheels. Sport models gain an upgraded stereo and an electric sunroof, and the Sport SE comes with leather seats. Buyers are offered a choice between five metallic colours. The Outlander looks really good in Silver.


 The Outlander has many capabilities, but it wasn’t designed to be an off-roader. It is an estate car designed for buyers who can’t afford a designer badge.